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                 Welcome to the website of 'Shri Krishna Ambedkar Mahavidyalaya', an educational center of excellence. The College is a dynamic and innovative institution with an unrivalled reputation in the pre-service training of teachers and youth. The college offers graduate programs leading to excellent careers as educators,counselors, psychologists, administrators, researchers and educational specialists.    more ...

              I welcome you in Madhuban, Mau. I hope that all of you will get training according to our belief and expectations and also raise the image of the college to its best and you will give pride to the college by producing best results. I believe that we will impart training according to the values of love, sacrifice, brotherhood and faith. For a person teacher and students are the source to achieve expertise in self-awareness and wisdom. Dear, brothers and sisters we get happiness when we get success and we will get more happinesswhen we make some body successful, it is the life long work for the teacher, he impart knowledge and wisdom to number of student. As ideal student/ Teacher .... more ....

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